New Concrete Driveway Construction Information

Before Construction

·         Turn off the sprinkler system. You may turn it back on three days after the concrete is placed.

·         Clearly mark all sprinkler heads within 6 feet of the new driveway. Flags, stakes, or spray paint work well.

·         Please move cars out of the garage and park at least 30 feet away from driveway. Do not park directly across the street. Parking in the yard is fine as long as it is 30 feet or more away from driveway.

During Construction

·         Keep a close eye on pets when they are let outside.

·         Please keep children inside or away from the construction area for their own safety.

·         Please have your garage doors open. We need to tool the edge of the new concrete where it meets the garage floor.

·         Control joints will be installed within 24 hours after placement.

·         Keep everything off the new concrete for 24 hours.

After Completion

·         You may walk on your new concrete after 24 hours. Bicycles, motorcycles, and riding lawn mowers please wait 48 hours.

·         You may rinse the concrete after the control joints are installed.

·         You may drive your vehicle on the new concrete after seven days.

·         Black dirt and grass seed or sod may be installed along the edges after 24 hours.

·         Keep driveway as clean as possible for the first 28 days after placement. Do not be concerned about black tire marks and leaf stains. These can be sealed over and will not become permanent.

·         Do not put flower pots, rugs, door mats, lumber, plywood, basketball hoops, mulch, or anything which lays flat on the new concrete before the sealer is applied. These will discolor the concrete.

·         Sealer will be applied after 28 days of placement. We will give you at least 24 hour notice before this is done.

·         The sealer dries within one hour after application. 

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