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I remember the day when Mrs. Fox called me. She said she wanted a stamped concrete patio and it is going to be a big project. She was correct. It was also a fun project!

She had an old redwood deck that was at ground level coming out of her patio door. She wanted the deck removed and a new stamped and colored concrete patio in its place. The problem was it was a long way from the street, down her driveway, to her backyard with only enough room for access with a bobcat.

She had a specific design in mind. It involved a pattern cobblestone stamp for the main section of the concrete patio, a circle section with a texture stamp where the table and chair were to be placed, and a stamped and colored concrete border, all different colors.

I took her idea and came up with a computerized rendition of what it should look like when complete.

We began the project by dismantling and removing the redwood deck. Once the deck was gone we excavated the area where the new concrete patio was to be placed and removed about eight inches of earth. We installed eight inches of class five base material and compacted.

This concrete patio had to be poured in three different steps. Because of the distance from the street where the concrete truck was parked to the back patio, we used a power-buggy to transport the concrete. A power-buggy is basically a large motorized wheel-barrow that you ride on.  First we poured and stamped the main section with the cobblestone pattern. To add an accent color to the integral colored concrete we used a colored powder stamp release. The next day we power-washed the concrete to remove the excess accent color. Next we poured and stamped the circle then the border, both different integral colors. Rebar was used to connect all three sections together.

After all the concrete was poured we had to re-sculpt the yard to ensure proper drainage away from the house. Black dirt was hauled in and grass seed was applied.

We enjoy projects that have artistic and procedural challenges like this one. The finished product is always gratifying. Please feel free to contact us with questions or Request a Quote for your project.

Have a great day!

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