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A New Concrete Driveway in Maple Grove Minnesota

Project Date 6/1/2010

I had the privilege of working with two wonderful homeowners on this new concrete driveway project in Maple Grove, MN. Their old tar driveway was in desperate need of replacement and they just purchased a boat but had no space on their driveway to store it. This concrete project involved removing the old driveway, removing grass for the extension of the driveway for parking the boat, a new retaining wall, a new compacted base, a new concrete driveway, a stamped and colored concrete border, and black dirt.

Before any construction began, the homeowners and I sat down and drew up a design to accommodate a wider driveway with an extension along the side of their garage for boat parking. We then brought the measurement outside and marked out exactly where the new concrete was to be placed. We needed to make sure they had enough room to back up and maneuver the boat into place without going off the driveway or hitting the garage.

We began this new driveway project by removing the old tar driveway and removing the grass for the extension along the garage. Because their yard steeply sloped down away from the garage we installed a new block retaining wall. Class five was brought in to fill behind the retaining wall and level off the sub-grade so the boat would park fairly level.

Once all the class five sub-grade was installed, graded, and compacted, the driveway border was set up. Integral colored concrete was order from Cemstone and placed inside the forms. In the border we formed out circular planter areas where Mrs. Homeowner was excited to plant day-lilies. Then the main portion of the concrete driveway was poured, finished, cured, jointed, and sealed.

As you can see in the pictures above, this concrete driveway in Maple Grove turned out beautifully and is very unique in its design. Stamped and colored concrete borders on driveways add a lot of character and improve the curb appeal of your home.

Project Date: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Thank you Amy! This is European Fan for the stamp pattern. Regular, not colored, concrete with a black accent.

Stamped Colored Concrete Patio

Customer Comment:

To everyone who worked on our project, thank you! We appreciate all of you and your hard work! We LOVE our new driveway, stoop, sidewalks, and stamped patio! It was so interesting learning and watching how it is all done. I hope you all have a very blessed Holiday season!

Mike & Theresa