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Stamped Concrete Patio in Champlin, MN

Project Date 5/20/2009

Spring in Champlin, Minnesota is exciting for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is high school graduation and the parties that are organized to celebrate the great accomplishment of the high school seniors. A lot of people are expected to show up to these parties and you want your house looking in tip top shape. A new stamped and colored concrete patio is a great gathering place for a big outdoor barbeque! This is the reason Mr. and Mrs. Peltier called us.

We began this stamped concrete project by removing their old wood deck and steps. The design of the new concrete patio is unique in its shape because it is a large half circle. The concrete steps coming out of the house were made rounded to match the concept of the project. Rounded steps are great because they allow easy access up or down the steps from all sides.

The stamp pattern was Old Granite. This pattern is one of our most popular because it doesn’t have deep imprints like other interlocking stamps so your tables and chairs do not rock as much. This stamp pattern makes the concrete patio easier to keep clean and costs less for us to install. Not to mention the look is timeless.

Once the concrete patio was complete, landscape rock and edging were installed to finish off the new stamped concrete patio. Three weeks later a heavy concrete sealer was applied to really bring out the color of the concrete. It always amazes me all the different shades that come out from integral colored stamped concrete.

Their graduation party went well and everyone was impressed with the new concrete! This really made their backyard accommodating for all future family and friend gatherings.

By the way, we also installed a new concrete driveway, stamped concrete fire-pit, and sidewalk for this customer during the same week as the stamped concrete patio and steps.

Project Date: 
Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Stamped Colored Concrete Patio

Customer Comment:

To everyone who worked on our project, thank you! We appreciate all of you and your hard work! We LOVE our new driveway, stoop, sidewalks, and stamped patio! It was so interesting learning and watching how it is all done. I hope you all have a very blessed Holiday season!

Mike & Theresa

Colored Concrete Apron

Concrete Patio with Colored Concrete Apron