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Brick and Stone in Minnesota

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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home With A New Exterior.

Brick & Stone in Minnesota

One of the best ways to enhance the look of your home is to give it a new exterior with stone. Stone can be added to any existing home or new home and is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns.

When choosing a stone we advise visiting a showroom so you can see real life examples and colors. It is hard to choose a stone from pictures and brochures. One of the best showrooms in town is Hedberg located in Plymouth. Their address is: 975 Nathan Lane N. Plymouth, MN 55441.

When installing stone to the exterior of homes or buildings we take great care in the prep work before the stone is applied. Two layers of tar paper are attached to the building and, if required, windows and doors are wrapped with casing bead. Some cities require an inspection of this prior to work proceeding. Next we properly secure the lathe and apply the brown coating. The brown coating must be allowed to dry for at least a day before the stone is installed.

Brick and stone are also a great option to dress up your interior to give it a modern or rustic feel. Fireplaces are where interior brick and stone are most commonly installed. Many times we can install stone over the existing brick around your fireplace.

Unlimited Concrete Concepts also does Chimney Repair in Minnesota.