Concrete Basketball Court Construction in Minnesota

A concrete basketball court is a great way to add family fun to your backyard! Whether it is a full court, half court, or something smaller to fit into your area, Unlimited Concrete Concepts are the concrete professionals to get the job done.

If you have the basketball hoop hardware, we can install the concrete footing for you as well.

Here are some things to consider when installing a concrete basketball court:

The concrete must be rated at 4000 psi or greater.

A strong concrete mix is important in all exterior concrete flatwork to promote longevity and durability of the concrete slab.

The concrete must be air entrained.

Air entrainment keeps the concrete nice throughout the freeze/thaw cycles of our Minnesota winters.

The concrete must be 4 inches thick.

4 inches of concrete is strong and durable.

The concrete must be reinforced with rebar laid out at 4 foot intervals each way.

Rebar is extremely important in concrete basketball courts. Rebar keeps all the slab sections held together tightly and evenly on the same plane.

The control joints must be saw-cut not wet-cut.

Saw-cut control joints are 1/8 to ¼ inch wide at most. On the other hand, wet-cut control joints can be as large as 1-1/2 inches wide at the surface. A bouncing basketball will bounce straight off a saw-cut.

The concrete should have a smooth trowel finish.

A smooth trowel finish is more similar to an indoor court.

The concrete must be sealed.

Sealer is important to apply to all exterior concrete.

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