What does a new concrete driveway cost?

Installation of a new concrete driveway is priced by the square foot (sq ft). Because not every driveway is the same, the square foot price may vary. Pricing variables are determined upon visual inspection at the time of your scheduled estimate.

We cannot accurately quote you a price over the phone. We consider it important to quote you an accurate price the first time. Detailed measurements and site inspections are necessary for every driveway because every driveway is slightly different. Unless an unforeseen condition arises at the time of construction, of which you will be notified immediately, or changes are made by you, your final invoice will accurately reflect your first estimate.

The price per square foot of a concrete driveway is determined by these three main variables; Structural Design, Prep Work, and Ease of Access.

1. Structural Design

The structural design of a concrete driveway is determined by the amount of traffic, the weight of the vehicles, and the climate of the region in which it is poured.

2. Prep Work.

On your estimate or contract there will be a separate square foot charge for the removal of your existing asphalt or concrete driveway. If you want to enlarge your driveway there will also be charges to remove and dispose grass, sod, bushes, and trees.

3. Ease of Access

Most driveways are easily accessible as far as getting the materials in and out. However there are obstacles that need to be considered. We need access to all sides of the driveway for forming and edging with at least 35 feet on one side for bull floating and brooming. Examples of these obstacles would be bushes, shrubs, retaining walls, trees, neighbor’s property, other buildings, etc.

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