When you decide to have a concrete driveway installed on your property in Minnesota, there are many factors you should consider. One of those factors is how thick your driveway will be. Your concrete driveway needs to be even and sturdy, with control joints in place that allow it to crack where designated, instead of at random.

Just how thick your driveway needs to be will depend on the circumstances of where your home is located and how your driveway is used. Continue reading to learn what goes into deciding the thickness of your concrete driveway in MN.

Factors Affecting a Concrete Driveway's ThicknessConcrete Driveway
In general, when a concrete driveway is installed in Minnesota, the concrete should be 4 inches thick in an even layer, over at least 2 inches of good base, such as gravel or crushed rock. This will make your concrete driveway durable enough to survive the general wear and tear it will endure from the elements and from vehicles being driven over your driveway and parked on it. It'll also be thick enough to survive the freeze-thaw cycle of Minnesota winters.

That being said, there are some instances when your concrete driveway may need to be poured thicker to prevent cracking. There are two major factors that can force you to increase your driveway's thickness beyond 4":

  • Usage of the Driveway - For the average residential driveway, 4" of concrete is perfectly sufficient. However, if you're a commercial truck driver who often parks your semi on your driveway overnight or you own a RV which is frequently stored on your driveway, 4" of concrete may not be enough to accommodate these vehicles in the long term. If your driveway will consistently be used for the storage of larger, heavier vehicles, your concrete driveway may need to be 5-6" thick.
  • Soil Type - The type of soil beneath your property can vary greatly depending on your location in Minnesota. Some types of soil are more conducive to having a concrete driveway than others. While laying down gravel or crushed rock as base helps to give your concrete driveway the support it needs, certain soils are especially tricky to work with. Clay soil, in particular, expands and contracts dramatically, which makes it difficult to build on top of. To prevent excess cracking in a concrete driveway installed on clay soil, you may need to go thicker than 4".

Keep in mind that making your concrete driveway thicker is not a guarantee that it won't crack. Years of wear and tear can crack any driveway, but pouring it thicker can help to mitigate the risk of random, destructive cracks that will force you to resurface your driveway in MN.

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