Replace a Concrete Driveway in Minnesota

Pour Finish Concrete Driveway Ham Lake MN

When replacing a driveway in Minnesota with a new concrete driveway, certain procedures are necessary to ensure the longevity of the concrete. In Minnesota the ground moves and shifts during the winter months because of the frost that enters the ground. There are also many freeze/thaw cycles during the change of seasons that can have a harsh affect on exterior concrete.

To replace a concrete driveway we start by breaking up and removing the existing concrete or asphalt driveway. This rubble is taken to a recycling yard where it is ground up and used as a base material. The sub-base or sub-grade under the existing driveway is evaluated and either deemed acceptable or not satisfactory. New base is brought in or the good sub-grade is reworked and compacted. Forms are set-up, rebar is installed, and concrete is poured, finished, and cured. The next day, control joints are installed to control cracking. 28 days later, a commercial grade concrete sealer is applied. This is an extremely simplified version of the driveway replacement process. 

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