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Stamped Concrete in Minnesota

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Unlimited Designs With Stamped and Colored Concrete.

Stamped Concrete & Pavers in Minnesota

If done properly, stamped and colored concrete looks nothing like concrete. It is designed to take the appearance of a wide variety of objects typically used for paving. Some examples of these patterns are: granite, slate, cobblestone, boulders, and pavers. With our wide variety of colors and textures to choose from, every stamped and colored job is unique and beautiful.

Unlimited Concrete Concepts will help you in the design and layout of your project. Most people have a hard time visualizing what their project will look like once complete. We will give you a visual rendering showing the layout, color, and stamp pattern of your proposed project using our computer software.

What is the cost or price of stamped concrete?

What is the strucural design of stamped concrete?