Concrete Apron Construction in Minnesota

Is your asphalt driveway settling where it meets the concrete garage floor?

Is there a hole that seems to have no bottom between the concrete garage floor and driveway?

Yes, we see this time after time. Settling around the foundation naturally occurs in the years after any new home is built. It is most noticeable right outside of your concrete garage floor because your asphalt driveway settles with the sub-grade. Asphalt is only as strong as the sub-grade below it, where as concrete is much more self-supporting.

The "never ending" hole you see is the cores of your block foundation. Cement blocks are not solid. There are two hollow cores on every block. When constructing a block wall, the blocks are staggered so their edges do not line up vertically, but the cores line up. In some cases we find some deterioration of the block caused by water damage. We will fill the damaged block cores solid with concrete to prevent any further structural damage.


Have Unlimited Concrete Concepts install a new concrete apron.

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